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The NA jabber server is no longer active! Use the KTH jabber service instead! See http://www.lan.kth.se/xmpp.html

There is a Jabber chat server installed for the NADA staff. It's running at na37 server which also are hosting this wiki!

I recommend that you use Pidgin (formerly Gaim), Psi or Kopeteto connect to na37.nada.kth.se.

There is a known bug with the current version of Pidgin which makes all file transfers break before they are completed. It seems to be fixed in the current version of Pidgin. When we upgrade to Ubuntu 7.10 we will have working file transfers (hopefully!).

If you want to use Psi or Kopete you need to install the package qca-tls to get a SSL connection plugin.

Important note about security: The only authentication method supported is PLAIN TEXT. But the connection is over SSL. That means that it's still secure to use plain text authentication. Your password will not be visible because the "plain text" goes in a encrypted SSL connection. Just remember to enable both plain text and SSL.

This is how you connect using Psi



This is how you connect using Pidgin (Gaim)

  • The password is your NADA.KTH.SE login password


Now, 11:49 PM it's only sad me here :-(


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