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Research projects

Technology for Advanced COmputation (TACO)
TACO is an umbrella name for several projects which revolve around computation of continuum mechanics using Finite
Element Methods. The research is focused on the development, analysis, and implementation of general, robust and
efficient computational methods for the simulation of complex multiscale systems with industrial relevance. Computational
algorithms are implemented within the free software project FEniCS. Applications include: turbulence, aerodynamics,
thermodynamics, acoustics, animation, simulation of blood flow, insect flight and much more.

Software Projects


FEniCS is free software for automated solution of differential equations. It provides software tools for working with computational meshes, finite element variational formulations of PDEs, ODE solvers and linear algebra.


The goal of Unicorn is to define a unified continuum mechanics model and solver in the FEniCS project. We define a fundamental model for conservation laws (mass, momentum, energy) which is fixed and then allow additional constitutive models for stress-strain relations. The total model is then solved using the G2 (General Galerkin) method which is based on the FEM and duality-based adaptivity. Stay tuned for more information.

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