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Appelo 200709Atle 2007 May 2Automatic upgrades
Beyer 200805CPU specs for E6600
Danilov200711DebianPackageManagementDoQuang 200709
Dorobantu 200808Doxygen introEfficient Matlab Programming
Eps2bbExpanding a struct of variablesExtracting fields from struct arrays
FORTRANcase.vimFenicsFortran 90 goes back to the seventies
Free on-line NA-booksFunctions returning handles to subfunctionsGPGPU
Git for version controlGnuplotHanke 200804
Hansen 200809Helsing 200805Hoel 200709
JabberJansson 200802Jin 200805
Johnson200712Katri 2007 Aug 30Latex in three steps
Lindberg 200801LinuxLiu 200812
Ljungberg 2007 March 28Main PageMalqvist 200710
MarakandaMatIOMat plot vtk
Matlab EditorMinimal interface to matIOMordecki200710
Neittaanmaki 200811Neytcheva 2007 Feb 28OpenMPI
PapiUbuntuParsing argumentsPitkaranta 200809
Pre-installationProgrammingProgress indication
ProjectsPrudhomme 200710Publications
Publishing from MatlabReis 2007 March 8Rommes 200809
Running MATLAB scripts in batch modeSaadvandi 200809Sandberg 2007 Jan 10
Sandberg 200803ScreenKerberos
SeminarsShelley200711Simple 2D plotting
Simple surface plottingSubversion for version controlSvaerd200711
Svard 2007 Jan 26TIDandRESTempone 2007 April 18
Things you may not know about matlabUbuntuUbuntuLab
Ubuntu at NADAUbuntu packagesUse Eclipse
Using uBLASWin2kWorking with sets
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