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This is short introduction to writing reports using LaTeX, a typesetting system.

First things first

On the Solaris machines, add the tex module

> module add tex

We mainly give examples, and not much explanation. <bf>It is highly recommended </bf> (almost compulsory) to use this guide to make sense of what is going on, and to see more examples. It also contains a comprehensive list of mathematical symbols.

How to build the examples

  • Download the tex file into a suitable folder.
  • "Compile" it using the latex command
> latex <filename>.tex
  • If there were no errors in the file, the results are genereated in a dvi-file. Open it with xdvi
> xdvi <filename>.dvi
  • To make a PS file use the dvips command:
> dvips <filename>.dvi -o <filename>.ps
  • To print the PS use lpr directly. E.g. to print to the printer in RED, do
> lpr -Pred <filename>.ps

Three steps

This introduction is structured into three steps:

For each of these, download the file(s), compile it, and then inspect the source code until you understand it. Then play around with it for a bit until you feel comfortable.

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