Latex in three steps

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This is short introduction to writing reports using LaTeX, a typesetting system.

First things first

On the Solaris machines, add the tex module

> module add tex

We mainly give examples, and not much explanation. It is highly recommended (almost compulsory) to use this guide to make sense of what is going on, and to see more examples. It also contains a comprehensive list of mathematical symbols.

How to build the examples

  • Download the tex file into a suitable folder.
  • "Compile" it using the latex command
> latex <filename>.tex
  • If there were no errors in the file, the results are genereated in a dvi-file. Open it with xdvi
> xdvi <filename>.dvi
  • To make a PS file use the dvips command:
> dvips <filename>.dvi -o <filename>.ps
  • To print the PS use lpr directly. E.g. to print to the printer in RED, do
> lpr -Pred <filename>.ps

Three steps

This introduction is structured into three steps:

For each of these, download the file(s), compile it, and then inspect the source code until you understand it. Then play around with it for a bit until you feel comfortable.

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