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(NA-Seminars Spring 2007)
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=== NA-Seminars Spring 2007 ===
=== NA-Seminars Spring 2008 ===

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The normal place for our seminars is in seminar room 4523 at Lindstedtsvägen 3, floor 5. The normal time for these seminars is Wednesday at 15.15-16, every week when there is no KCSE seminar. Feel free to join us!

Contact persons for these seminars are Johan Jansson, Axel Ruhe and Raul Tempone.


Links to other seminar series

NA-Seminars Autumn 2008

Date Speaker Title Link
Sep in 4523 (preliminary) Eskil Hansen, Lund University

NA-Seminars Spring 2008

Date Speaker Title Link
Wed 30 jan 15:15 in 4523 P-O Lindberg, NA Computation of Traffic Equilibria Abstract

NA-Seminars Autumn 2007

Date Speaker Title Link
Thu Aug 30 at 10:30 Shilpa Katri, NYU visiting NA A numerical method for soluble surfactants on moving interfaces
Wed 19 sep 15:15 in 4523 Håkon Hoel, NA A numerical scheme for the Degasperis-Procesi equation Abstract
Tuesday 25 September 14:15 in 4523 Daniel Appelö, LLNL previous NA A General Formulation of Perfectly Matched Layers for Mixed Hyperbolic-Parabolic Systems and its Application to Simulations of Viscous Compressible Flows Abstract
Wed 3 Oct 15:15 in 4523 Minh Do-Quang, Mechanics, KTH Introduction to femLego, a problem solving environment and its applications on phase change and turbulent flow Abstract
Wed 17 Oct 15:15 in 4523 Axel Målqvist, Uppsala University Adaptive variational multiscale methods Abstract
Thu 25 Oct 15:15 in 4523 Serge Prudhomme, University of Texas at Austin, USA Estimation and Control of Approximation Errors for Atomistic-to-Continuum Coupling Methods Abstract
Wed 31 Oct 15:15 in 4523 Ernesto Mordecki,Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de la República, Montevideo Uruguay. Modelling randomness with jumps: exact and approximation results Abstract
Mon 12 Nov 10:00 in 304, Teknikringen 14 Uncommon time and place! Mike Shelley, Courant Institute, New York University Dynamics and Transport of Complex Fluids Abstract
Tue 13 Nov 14:15 in 4523 Uncommon day and time! Vladimir G. Danilov, Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatics Some problems of solitary nonlinear waves interaction. Weak asymptotics approach Abstract
Wed 21 Nov 14:15 in 4523 Magnus Svärd, Uppsala appointed NA lecturer at NADA Implicit-explicit schemes for flow equations with stiff source terms Abstract
Wed 12 Dec 15:15 in 4523 Claes Johnson, Numerical Analysis, KTH A New Computational Foundation of Thermodynamics Abstract

NA-Seminars Spring 2007

Date Speaker Title Link
Wed 10 Jan Mattias Sandberg, NADA Convergence of Numerical Methods for Optimal Control Using Viscosity Solutions and Differential Inclusion Abstract
Wed 26 Jan Magnus Svärd, CTR, Stanford Stable high-order finite difference methods for aerodynamics Abstract
Wed 28 Feb Maya Neytcheva, Uppsala University Preconditioning of nonsymmetric saddle point systems with application to visco-elastic problems Abstract
Thu 8 Mar Dr. Timo Reis, Technical University Berlin Abstract Differential-Algebraic Equations - An Overview Abstract
Wed 28 March Malin Ljungberg, Uppsala University Design of High Performance Computing Software for Genericity and Variability Abstract
Wed 18 April Raul Tempone, NA Stochastic collocation methods for elliptic PDEs with random input data Abstract
Wed 2 May Andreas Atle, Memorial University of Newfoundland Seismic modeling and dispersion minimizing finite difference stencils. Abstract
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