Svard 2007 Jan 26

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Speaker: Magnus Svärd, Center for Turbulence Reseacrh (CTR), Stanford.

Title: Stable high-order finite difference methods for aerodynamics.

When: The NA seminar meets om Wed Jan 26 at 15:15 in D4523

Abstract This talk addresses a number of different challenges encountered in aerodynamic calculations with high accuracy requirements and complex geometries. The main focus will be on multi-block high-order finite difference schemes and their boundary closures.

Well-posed boundary conditions are derived via energy estimates. The equations are discretized using Summation-by-Parts (SBP) operators and the Simultaneous Approximation Term (SAT) technique to impose boundary conditions. Such schemes lead to analog discrete energy estimates, and consequently stability, for the full three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations with various types of boundary conditions. Several numerical examples, ranging from model problems to more complicated fluid flow computations will illustrate and corroborate the theoretical results.

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